Workout routine and Nutrition – in a nutshell

Lately I’ve been asked several times how I managed to change my physique to such a great extent. Well, I always used to be the skinny type, but without much shape.

I’ve started to work out at the gym in 2004 and had some success with it, but the one thing that kept me from making the last step and getting rid of the stubborn fat around the waist line and the cellulite on my thighs and butt had been my eating habits.
I used to eat high-carb-low-fat like so many of us, believing that this kind of diet would help me getting rid of bodyfat. Well, that didn’t quite add up! 😉

When I suffered from a slipped disk in the end of May, I was forced to stop doing resistance training for several months. Like every time when I can’t work out for a longer period, I instantly started to lose muscle and gain bodyfat – to put it mildly, I was pissed!!
So, this was the kick in the butt, that I needed to do some research on nutrition.

First I came up with Carb Back-Loading by Kiefer. This was the first time, when I realized, I might have been eating completly wrong for the last decade. oO
I kept digging deeper into research, read books, articles and listened to podcasts by Kiefer, Robb Wolf, The Bullet Proof Executive and others and I read Jeff Volek and Stephen Phinney „The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance“.
Processing all pieces of information, I started to mix Kiefer’s Carb Nite Solution, and later on Carb Back-Loading, with Robb Wolf’s Paleo diet with The Bullet Proof Diet, blending things I learned from listening to Brad Davidson and others.

So, from August till November I ate ultra low carb for 5 times a week, sticking to a fat to protein ratio of at least 1g fat to 1g protein, without restrikting calories, as I didn’t want to lose weight. Once a week I had my paleo and bullet proof Carb Nite. With this I was able to hold on to my bodyweight while turning much of my body fat into muscle mass.
After all those years, this was the first time I could see my abs! 🙂

In the meanwhile my lower back kept getting better and better and I was able to slowly getting back to my doing proper resistance training again.

In November, I switched to Carb Back-Loading as I wanted to gain more muscle, without putting on body fat again – worked out as well.

Since January I’m eating carbs on a daily basis again, but only in the evening, going ULC till about 5pm – only exception 30g of rice flakes mixed with my post work-out whey isolate, that I also drink, when working out before 5pm. You could name this „stage 3“.

Regarding resistance training, I currently stick to this routine:

day 1: back + legs day 2: chest + shoulders day 3: legs
sets reps notes sets reps notes sets reps notes
1 4-6 till failure T-Bar, wide grip
(alternative: dead lift)
1 6-8 till failure (incline) bench press 1 6-8 resp.
(till failure) leg press 45°
1 7-8 load reduced 1 9-10 load red. 1 9-10 resp.
load red.
1 9-10 load red. 1 11-12 load red. 1 11-12 resp.
load red.
1 8-10 (till failure) leg curl / rear kick
(not applecable when doing dead lifts)
1 6-8 till failure shoulder press with dumbbells or barbell 1 10-12  (till failure) reverse Lunges / Bulgarian Split Squat / lunges
1 10-12 load red. 1 9-10 load red. 1 13-15  load red.
1 13-15 load red. 1 11-12 load red. 1 16-20  load red.
1 6-8 till failure dumbbell rows 2-3 15-20 cable triceps extension 1 10-12 resp.
(till failure) sumo squats on smith machine
1 9-10 load red. 1 13-15 resp.
load red.
1 11-12 load red. 2-3 15-30 bent over lateral raises with dumbbells 1 16-20 resp.
load red.
1 8-10 till failure leg extension 2-3 15-20 cable crunches / incline crunches / woodchops (2-3 max. Glute Ham Raises)
1 10-12 load red.
1 13-15 load red.
2-3 max. pull-ups

Each session takes less than 60 minutes and starts with a multi-joint movement, whereas I have to modify from time to time depending on the condition of my lower back. Day 1 would ideally start with dead lifts, but I often have to skip those. My slipped disk also keeps me from working my legs till failure.

I usually work out Saturday, Monday and Wednesday, sometimes with an additional core workout or physio therapy for my back in between. i’m also doing mobility stuff for my hips, lower back and shoulders at least once a week. (Please check out Mobility WOD!).
I stopped doing all types of cardio, but hiking.

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